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Instructor Details

CEO of Merge computer classes

Mayur Patel

Course: 2K Students: 95
Experiance: 9 Years


The Company is promoted by Mr. Mayur Patel, a young and highly dynamic seasoned sagacious and skilful computer professional who drives the primary aspect of business –designing inventive contemporary education curriculum & innovative state of the art technology solutions and delivering them in the most simple and efficient manner. With his unprecedented knowledge of digital marketing and software management Mr. Patel is helping the students to establish their career in this booming field. He has completed Computer Engineering from ISO Gandhinagar in 2013. He is dexterous and recipient of more than 10 prestigious awards in Android App Developing and Website Developing etc.

CTO of Merge computer classes

Nisha Patel

Course: 5 Students: 1K
Experiance: 5 Years


Ms. Nisha Patel is a seasoned finance professional with wealth of experience in accounting related computer education and human resource management. She has a degree in accountancy from Gujarat University since 2013.She has in depth understanding of products for learning development, designing of those products, their internal processing, delivery and management .She has experience in managing various business and channel formats as well as diverse customer groups.

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