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The young boy is learning about how to make AGE SHEET using MS Excel.

How to Make Age Sheet using MS Excel

The tutorial shows different ways to get age from birthday in Excel. You will learn a handful of formulas to calculate age as a number of complete years, get exact age in years, months and days at today's date or a particular date.

The girl is attending a lecture on how to create visiting card in MS Word.

How to create visiting card in MS Word

If you need to make business cards in a hurry and you don’t have fancy design software, Microsoft Word has the tools you need to make and print business cards. You can use templates to make the process easy but still maintain an individual feel, or you can create the cards completely from scratch.

The young girl is studying and exploring about how to create certificate in MS Word.

How to create certificate in MS Word

Learn how to use certificate templates and produce professional-looking award certificates in almost no time. Microsoft Word comes with a selection of certificate templates to make the process easy.

They both are sharing their experiences on introduction to internet.

Introduction to Internet

Internet is a group of computer systems related from all around the world. The Internet protocol suite is a framework defined through the Internet standards. Methods are divided right into a layered set of protocols on this architecture. The Internet gives a huge variety of statistics and communique offerings, which includes forums, databases, email, and hypertext. It is made of the neighborhood to global personal, public networks connected through plenty of digital, wireless, and networking technologies.

The young girl is going to her class to Learn lookup in MS Excel.

Learn Lookup in MS Excel

The LOOKUP Function is categorized under Excel Lookup and Reference functions. The function performs a rough match lookup either in a one-row or one-column range and returns the corresponding value from another one-row or one-column range.


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