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The young girl is making notes and the boy is attending class on tutorial about MS Word (02) in CCC course.

Tutorial about MS Word(02) in CCC Course

MS Word tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Word. Our Word tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals.

The girl is happy that she understood all the concepts of how to create pay-sheet in MS Excel in her class.

How to create pay-sheet in MS Excel

Excel is the most widely used tool when it comes to dealing with huge datasets. We can perform myriads of tasks of multiple dimensions in Excel. Sometimes we take the help of Excel to calculate monthly salary of employees. In this article, I will show you how to create a monthly salary sheet format in Excel.

She is happily attending her online class regarding tutorial about WordPad.

Tutorial about WordPad

Microsoft Windows WordPad is a simple text editing program that you can use to create and edit documents. WordPad also offers you many rich formatting and graphics options including inserting pictures, using bullets and numberings and insert objects from other programs. In this WordPad Tutorial Series, we will try to cover each feature.

The girl joyfully understood how to create stock maintain sheet in MS Excel.

How to create stock maintain sheet in MS Excel

stock maintain format in excel with formula. stock Management Software. how to maintain stock register book.

The young girl is browsing the internet to learn about explanation and Steps to create Commission sheet in MS Excel.

Explenation and steps to create Commission sheet in MS Excel

In this video we see how to make commission sheet in ms excel. how to create commission sheet in excel, how to easy make commission sheet, commission formula, commission sheet formula, how to make commission sheet in excel 2016.


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